Christian Residential Centre – Manager

Christian Residential Centre – Manager

The Cleenish Centre is Residential Centre set near the shores of Lough Erne at Bellanaleck Co Fermanagh.

We seek to provide a Christian outreach and to assist in furthering the Christians walk with God through providing high quality residential facilities. We have been operating for 2 years.

We currently have a vacancy for the Centre Managers role.

The role will include growing and managing a team of staff volunteers to provide full board residential accommodation, mainly but not exclusively to young people and young adults.

You will also be responsible for advertising and promotion of the Centre, physical maintenance of the Centre, developing organising several weekend / full week programmes to be run by the Centre throughout the year, working with churches and groups to accommodate their programmes throughout the remainder of the year, developing initiatives and activities to increase the effectiveness of the Centre to the residents and to the local Christian community and being responsible for day to day financial and general management..

This is both a challenging and rewarding role which we believe will require wisdom, good delegation skills and God’s calling.

This role is being advertised as 1½ positions suitable for a couple. We are flexible as to how duties are allocated between the couple. Living very close to the Centre is a requirement and accommodation will be provided. As the couple will be responsible for turning the evangelical Christian ethos of the Centre into practice teaching, there is an occupational requirement for a married couple who have a strong genuine Christian faith.

Closing date – 20 February 2012

For further information and a full Job Description please:
tel 02866349647
or mob 07801880560

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